Phuc Long – The entire value of nature, culture, health and culinary

With the ideal characteristics of soil and natural conditions for cultivation, Vietnam is proud to own a source of quality agriculture products highly appreciated by the international market. Among of them, cinnamon and anise are known as the speciality of the agriculture value chain in the northern mountain with high productivity and excellent taste and quality.  

Yen Bai province, the locality with the largest cinnamon cultivation area, is also the location of Van Yen known as “Cinnamon Capital of Vietnam”, where outstanding quality cinnamon trees with high essential oil content on bark are grown.

Owning medicinal and culinary properties, cinnamon and anise are getting more and more popular and widely used in the preparation of medicines and cosmetics. In particular, their unique taste and flexibility in processing have resulted in their indispensable role in delicious dishes suitable for various culinary cultures around the world.

With our enthusiasm and deep love for natural essence, Phuc Long has launched high-class cinnamon and anise spice products that fully meet the strictest standards for both of the domestic and international consumers. Every of our products is the perfect combination of the typical flavor of Vietnam cinnamon – anise and global leading technology.

They are not only simple spices but also precious gifts of nature going through a long way to every small kitchen, making soulful dishes with profound messages about the value of nature, culture, health and culinary from Phuc Long to our cherished customers.