Phuc Long – The entire value of nature, culture, health and culinary

Phuc Long is an export brand of premium cinnamon and anise spice products form Vietnam. With deep awareness of the unique and high-class values of local agricultural products combining with modern technology production lines and high-experienced staff, products of Phuc Long have always been highly appreciated both by the domestic and international consumers. We are proud to be one of the leading brands in Vietnam providing a variety of cinnamon and anise spice products according to international standards including: cinnamon stick, crushed cinnamon, cinnamon powder, anise and anise powder, etc. 

With strictly closed management process meeting international standards from cultivation, harvesting, screening, processing, censorship, food protection, packaging, preservation… to consumers, Phuc Long’s products are the perfect combination of local agriculture products and the global advanced technology achievement.

Through carefully invested products with outstanding taste, quality and appearance, we desire to bring true values to enhance our customers’ health and culinary experiences.

By the excellent quality and actual feeling of customers while using our products, we confidently set our goal of sustainable development and our vision of becoming one of the leading enterprises in exporting cinnamon and anise spice products in Vietnam and in the region, thereby widely promoting Vietnamese agriculture products and spices to global community.

In our spirit of Customer Centric, Phuc Long has been promoting investment scale, improving service quality and in-depth research to release quintessential product lines to optimally meet all the requirements of our customers. At the same time, we has expanding our vision of building a sustainable farming community, protecting the environment, increasing stable income for our employees and creating practical values to our community.

For us, every of our products brought to our customers’ hands always goes with our profound messages about the value of nature, culture, health and culinary.

We would like to express our sincere and deep thank to our customers and partners, to our employees for their efforts to accompany with us and contribute to the sustainable development towards the common goal.

Your trust and support is the strongest motivation for us to keep our effort to develop unique premium products and become the pride of Vietnam’s agricultural and spice industry.