Phuc Long – The entire value of nature, culture, health and culinary
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Brand Story

With the ideal characteristics of soil and natural conditions for cultivation, Vietnam is proud to own a source of quality agriculture products highly appreciated by the international market. Among of them, cinnamon and anise are known as the speciality of the agriculture value chain in the northern mountain with high productivity and excellent taste and quality.  

Yen Bai province, the locality with the largest cinnamon cultivation area, is also the location of Van Yen known as “Cinnamon Capital of Vietnam”, where outstanding quality cinnamon trees with high essential oil content on bark are grown.

Core Values

Contribute to building and raising the value of Vietnam agriculture products
Provide high quality products for community health
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Accompany with business community for sustainable development
Ensure the rights and benefits for employees
Develop a sustainable green farming, protect the natural environment.

Message from Phuc Long

Phuc Long is an export brand of premium cinnamon and anise spice products form Vietnam. With deep awareness of the unique and high-class values of local agricultural products combining with modern technology production lines and high-experienced staff, products of Phuc Long have always been highly appreciated both by the domestic and international consumers. We are proud to be one of the leading brands in Vietnam providing a variety of cinnamon and anise spice products according to international standards including: cinnamon stick, crushed cinnamon, cinnamon powder, anise and anise powder, etc.